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Stoke-in-Print II

This is the first session of a 10-week programme, every Tuesday evening until 15 May.

This course explores the ways that writers have conveyed their lived experiences and impressions of the Potteries from the late Victorian era to the present day. We will discuss the following questions via close reading of a variety of texts (novels, poems, plays, memoirs):

Our Heritage Your Future: Heritage Photo Walk

Find out more about the historic area around Middleport and Longport and improve your photographic skills. Join Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, Janey Devine and PHS's Andy Perkin for a leasurly stroll with your camera.
Potteries Heritage Society has been supporting Janey with audio clips to accompany her Our Heritage Your Future exhibition at Middleport Pottery (running from 8th September - 22nd October) from the Revealing Voices archive.


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