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Stoke-in-Print II

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Tue, 27/02/2018 - 18:00
Keele University

This is the first session of a 10-week programme, every Tuesday evening until 15 May.

This course explores the ways that writers have conveyed their lived experiences and impressions of the Potteries from the late Victorian era to the present day. We will discuss the following questions via close reading of a variety of texts (novels, poems, plays, memoirs):

  • What kind of first impression does Stoke make on the literary tourist?
  • Are there significant differences between the way that ‘outsiders’ and Stoke-born writers present the region?
  • Must a writer leave his or her place of origin to write about it well, and do all exiled writers return – at least in their imagination?

The course will be of interest to keen readers and anyone who wishes to explore the region’s literature in greater depth and historical context. No previous experience or qualifications are required – the course is open to all.

is a regional literature specialist with twenty years’ experience as a university lecturer (Leicester, Liverpool and Staffordshire) and international publications. She has given numerous academic papers and public talks on local writers at festivals, museums and galleries. Stoke’s literary heritage is rich and diverse (more than just Arnold Bennett!) and Catherine is keen to explore fresh perspectives on this literature with fellow readers.

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Stoke-in-Print II