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Meet the Team

At our AGM last November our Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer were re-elected.


Simon SmithBusy accredited Conservation Architect, Simon Smith, became our Chair in 2019 following three years as Secretary. Simon has a keen interest in the use of technology in the conservation of historic buildings and responding to local cultural heritage within architecture.
Lynn BentleyFormer paintress and Gladstone demonstrator, Lynn Bentley continues as the Society's Vice-Chair. Lynn lives in Alton and was among those who, seeing that Longton Town Hall was under threat in the 1980's, joined the Longton Action Group which led to her becoming an early member of PHS. She is an active member of the Friends of Bethesda and produces her own pottery designs.
Andy PerkinAndy Perkin is the Society’s Treasurer and organises our membership and publicity. He has worked in regeneration and training for nearly 30 years and is a Community and Enterprise Consultant. He is involved with a wide range of consultancy projects including community enterprise support, neighbourhood planning, urban design, organisational governance, visual business planning and training programmes. Andy lives in Penkhull with his partner Nicola, a planning ecologist.
Matt HicksMatt Hicks puts his professional experience in marketing and PR to good use as the Society’s Publicity Officer. He grew up in North Staffordshire and has long held an interest in its heritage and built environment. Some years ago he wrote a book on the folklore and ghost stories of the area.

Elaine HollandFounder member and environmental campaigner, Elaine Holland, contributes enormously to our meetings by scouring the papers for news of local heritage initiatives and other significant developments. She has been at the forefront of many of our campaigns and lives in a historic building in Penkhull.

Steve WoodLive-aboard boater and independent IT consultant, Steve Wood, designed and helps Andy maintain the Society's website. Steve has built and maintains websites for a number of local, national and international waterway-related groups, as well as other organisations, ranging from a steam engine new build to a couple of Landscape Partnerships.