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Falcon Pottery

Site 9 - Old Town Road, Hanley, ST1 2LB

Falcon Pottery exterior

Type: Updraught Bottle Oven, Hovel Type and Muffle Kiln. Both the hovel of the bottle oven and the stack of the muffle kiln collapsed in the late 20th- / early 21st-century.

Date: A bottle oven first appears in this location on the 1866 OS map The muffle kiln is first evident on the 1913 OS map.

Listing: II

Past Use: Pottery factory established in the early 19th-century and subtantially remodelled in 1906 under the occupation of J.H. Weatherby and Sons.

Current Use: Development site.

Link to Member Website: Dapatchi Group

 Updraught Hovel-typeMuffle Kiln